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Why did I write Faith Over Fear?

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..."I've Been to the Mountaintop" final sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
...Emmett Till

Malcolm X
​...Brush Arbors
...Suspicious fires
...Assemblies of God

...Liberty Bonds
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...Mahalia Jackson
...Rosetta Thorpe
...President Bill Clinton
...Vice-President Al Gore 

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"FAITH OVER FEAR" illustrates how Bishop Charles Harrison Mason's lifeline was God and The Holy Bible. His mother's Slave Religion preserved him through crisis, hardships, persecutions and pains. His legacy shows the true strength of God's ability to use ordinary people to perform the extraordinary!
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A lady gave her life to the Lord!

Book Reviews

  1. "Excellent, introspective read!"

    As the author delves deeply into Bishop Mason's experiences and his life, she allows herself to take a deeper look at her own transitions. I was particularly intrigued by her statement "How could my journey have taken so many twists and turns with me asleep at the switch?" Great, I thought, I can benefit from this perspective as well.
    Bishop Mason, according to Dr. Springfield Scott, wanted his followers to be spiritually born into a brand new lifestyle. And many did as I can attest to as a non-member of this denomination.
    This is a good buy. - Dee Bond